It has often been said – the world is your oyster. Although many have heard of this wise saying, few understand the depth of these ancient enlightened words.

Most folks think it’s a pretty adage but fail to believe that it applies to them.

You are to be a slave to no one or nothing.

If something or someone runs your life then you are being a slave to that something or someone. That something can be your time-clocks, your jobs, and other’s expectations…anything that robs you of being, fully and freely, who you are…is enslaving you. That someone…can be someone you know or a stranger. That someone can be you.

When you give up your rights to another you are enslaving yourself. When you replay your ill-will thoughts you are, in fact, imprisoning you. When you comply with doing anything that goes against your true nature to do, or when you pretend on behalf of another to being someone who you are not meant to be, you are being a servant to that something or someone and that is slavery.

The world is your oyster is meant to be taken seriously. Your life in the world is a gift to you. To receive your life gift is to live it fully and freely…for you are a slave to no one or nothing.

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