Ever wonder about connecting with the glorious Ascended Masters and Angels that work on behalf of our Beloved Creator?

In this audio, you will discover who they are, what they’ve done to begin their Ascension process, how to call them forth and connect with them, and have a meditative experience with them.

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Gloria has changed my life in many glorious ways!

Her gift of connection is priceless and beyond words. For many years and through many challenges, she has put me in touch with my inner “Virtuosa” to see myself as a child of God.

Susan Reno

Gloria’s gift is profound

Gloria’s gift comes with profound consequences – the betterment she gives to one is in turn passed on to others in a multitude of ways, which in turn is passed on in kind to yet another wave of recipients; and the cycle continues.

J. K., Physician Scientist

The peace is priceless

Gloria helped me to heal my relationship with my father who was killed in an accident when I was 15. I had been in a fight with him before he died and never had time to resolve things between us until Gloria helped me reconnect with him. Now he is one of my best ally’s in this world and the other. The peace this has brought my heart is priceless.

Adrienne Cobb

I am learning to accept where I am more successful than ever before

I have been blessed by working with Gloria for a few years now. Gloria has a strong and wonderful ability to listen deeply to what is being said and also to what might be below my level of awareness.  She is able to tune in like radar to where I personally am and what I need.

With her spot-on observations and suggestions, I am learning to accept where I am more successful than ever before. I tell so many friends who are going through life changes about this gifted teacher and healer!

I am so grateful for your living, loving, wise, patient and generous heart, Gloria!

Vivien A

Gloria will guide you with truth, honesty, but more importantly, with love

For years, empty didn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I was sad, angry, confused, on guard against the entire world and all who lived in it. Something was just not right in my soul. I knew it, but I had no idea of what or how to come to grips with all my feelings and thoughts. That is until I began looking deep within myself.

I would never have been able to do without the loving guidance of Gloria Boysal. Her classes, seminars, sessions, and life quest are amazingly eye-opening. Or should I say soul opening!

Gloria will guide you with truth, honesty, but more importantly, with love. The peace I have attained and the happiness that is now my life is beyond the measure of mere words. The person I was five years ago is unrecognizable not just to me, but to all who know me.

None of this would have been possible without the truly gifted Gloria. Any chance to read one of her books, have a session or attend a class, seminar, life quest, is a must. Don’t pass up the chance to discover the truth within of your soul.

Gloria brings it all to you in the form of love without conditions or judgment. I can think of no safer way to discover the real you than through love. Thank you, Gloria, my life will and never be the same.

testimonial supreme love gloria boysal intuitive teacher transformation
Vernie Dorsey

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New Client Connecting Session 

I listen deeply to the depths of your soul and give you what your soul most wants you to hear right now that will serve your highest good. This session will help you move gracefully forward through that which is keeping you most stuck. Send me a note with the form below and we will schedule a time. The session is $195.


Peace & Resolution Session

Connect with your deceased loved one on the Other Side. A Peace and Resolution session bridges the gap between worlds, eases your pain, and brings peace, resolution, love and comfort that come from reconnecting, in a powerful way, with your dear ones. Send me a note with the form below and we will schedule a time. The session is $195.


Hall of Records Reading with 2 Follow Up Sessions

Experience a holy visit to the Heavenly sacred place known as the Hall of Records and receive the holiness of your record of truth. A high truth that quenches your thirsty soul. Send me a note with the form below and we will schedule a time. The Hall of Records Package is $795.


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Throughout the year I offer different group programs. Some are seasonal and others are one-time-only as guided by the Celestial Ones. Please join my email list to learn more.


Live Now

Is a self-paced, online program perfect for anyone. It is made up of 12 themes which give you the well-being keys to unlock your Soulful Plain Truth. This program provides you with direct, soulful solutions that cut through your deepest fears with ease and love. You can learn more here.

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