This week I had more than one client (always a sign I’m to take a closer look) grappling with the issue of flow.

The opposite of flow…Push. Why is it we feel we need to push to make things happen?

During a Connecting session I heard the maxim for pushing:

Pushing creates resistance, resistance creates conflict, and conflict creates entanglements.

(Entanglements… Energy gets bunched up or moves in the wrong direction.)

Resistance is equivalent to fighting against. So when we push we are actually fighting against what we want, hence conflict ensues creating entanglements.

We all want what we want; yet pushing to get it leaves us with nothing…but wanting.

So how do we stop pushing and start flowing?

I believe affirming the truth, as a gentle reminder, is a peaceful way to start flowing. Let’s affirm…

“The Universe is ready and willing to support me every step of the way.”  (If you like replace the word Universe with whatever works for you.)

To be able to flow and not push we have to relax. To be able to relax we have to trust.

A daily practice is a solid way to build on your trust.

So… let’s practice with this truth statement each morning and each evening by looking into the mirror and saying it out loud, “The Universe is ready and willing to support ME every step of the way.”

To begin flowing and having what you want…claim this truth daily.

Thanks for your time.

In appreciation and flow,


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