They hold hands, and the air tingles with the spirit of their love.

I ask a question, and they look to each other and quietly discuss the answer.

They laugh and make jokes.

They peer meaningfully into each other’s eyes – fully present to one another.

They talk about their children – the mistakes they’ve made (which they do without any sense of guilt or judgment), the everlasting love they have for each of them, and they offer what they see and know as truth.

They sit side by side making sure their bodies touch.

When I talk about issues they attentively listen without a hint of judgment or grievance. Love and compassion is the hallmark of their nature.

I sigh – absorbing the beauty, the softness, and the richness of their love for each other, their children, and their life experiences.

Breathing in the air filled purity; gratitude cloaks my heart, and I laugh from out-right joy.

I’ve often heard that Love never dies.

Well folks, I can attest first hand that hearing vs. experiencing is as different as day is to night. Once truth is experienced, doubt cannot exist.

You see friends; this beautiful couple no longer lives upon the earth.

They are deceased.

And their love continues.

Because – LOVE never DIES

May you Dear, as I am, breathe in the eternalness of your deceased one’s love that never dies.

May you feel the healing power of this love flow through your body, your mind, your heart, and bring you healing comfort.

With all my love,


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