The door opens, and I’m greeted without words by a small being of Light called a record keeper, who quietly yet quickly begins walking.

I know I am to follow.

Spellbound, I follow, irresistibly drawn into the magnetic energy that permeates with reverence, much like an ancient, holy cathedral.

While trying to keep up with the small being of Light, and trying to abate my spine-tingling excitement, I peruse my surroundings.

The majestic height and large columns, along with the rows upon rows of files, and multiple rooms is mind-boggling.

While scanning my magnificent surroundings, my light being friend stops, and I see a file light up.

The file’s information projects into the air. It reminds me of the days of watching a projector screen.

I feel electric-like energy move through me and my body begins vibrating.

With razor-like focus and clarity, I share the information being projected.

Once the projection of information stops, my vibrating body begins slowing down to its natural state.

I then notice the Light Being who instantly begins walking, and once again, I know I am to follow.

I’m led to the door.

As I turn to thank the Record Keeper I can feel that there’s no need for words, so I bow.

A bow is returned and the door slowly closes.

I’m in the hallway where I began and Quan Yin is there with me.

She smiles and bows.

As I smile and bow I’m immediately back in my home sitting in my rocking chair.

Back in my rocking chair with a palpable sense of peace flowing through me, I have a keen understanding that the information I shared is illuminating Divine information that quenched her thirsty soul.

I understand that if she chooses to allow it, this omnipotent information will change her life.

I also understand that it is a gift to be allowed into this Heavenly sacred place known as – The Hall of Records.

If you too would like to receive omnipotent information that can quench your thirsty soul, I invite you to have a Hall of Records session.

Just give me a quick email at with Hall of Records as the subject and will get you set up, so you too can receive omnipotent life-changing information.

A deep bow to our Beloved Creator for this sacred blessing,

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