I know that the very essence of who you are cries out to unveil the Sacred YOU behind your fears

Discover your gifts just waiting to be ignited



Dearest, here’s what I know to be true:

You are an extraordinary genius, and you have gifts just waiting to be ignited.

The Holiness of who you are is so much more than you can imagine.

You Beloved One, are sacred to the Creator and to all the Creator’s glorious Heavenly Beings.

I invite you to experience a visit to the Hall of Records with me.

This is a most sacred blessing gifted to me by my guides and the Celestial Ones who work with me.

The Hall of Records state the Truth of who You Are.

It is like walking into a sacred temple that holds the holy words written of Your Highest Truth – across all time.

In the Hall of Records, it is written – The Highest Truth of You.

This is the deepest and most powerful Soul Connecting work that I do. 

The High Truth shared with you by the Record Keepers will ignite the truth of who you are for months to come.

When I asked Quan Yin what to share about the Hall of Records, here is what she said.

“Tell that, I, Quan Yin, the Ascended Master known as the Mother of Mercy and Compassion, am with you each time you visit the Hall of Records. I act as a grounding light of energy.

The energy of the Hall of Records is of a high vibration that goes beyond the earth’s frequency; therefore, it needs the assistance of a Light Being that can help stabilize and ground the energy for both you and the message you deliver.

My frequency and the frequency in which I exist acts as a grounding unit of light. Within the grounding unit of Light that I AM, I also enfold the experience in My Mercy and Compassion and back it with My Divine Love.”

Quan Yin’s words created a tidal wave of love that stirred my innermost being.

Thoughts stewed, and I wondered, Why me? Why do I get to visit the Hall of Records and share the Truth for all time with others?

I immediately saw an image of Lady Nada and here is what she shared:

“You are the archway to the cathedral of the heart where the highest love is bequeathed. Once bequeathed, the foundational frequency is set for the attainment of God’s attributes.”

I then heard Quan Yin say, “Your eternal desire and commitment brought you to this point in time. You are magnetically attracted to the Hall of Records. It’s who you are.”



I invite you to join me, and Quan Yin, on a journey to the Hall of Records to receive the Highest Truth of Who You Are.

The Hall of Records Sacred Experience includes

🔸 One visit to the Hall of Records – 6 to 90 minutes

🔸 1 Follow-up sessions (60 minutes each) scheduled 2-3 weeks after, for support and integration of the energy and wisdom shared with you

🔸 Each session is recorded

Price: $595 for 2 sessions

May be paid in full or in 3 payments of $200.

Schedule your Hall of Records Experience

1. Please schedule your first call. We will schedule your follow-up calls in person.

2. I will follow up with an email to confirm and then send an invoice for payment before your first call.

If you have questions, please email me here.

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